Great Video Explaining the Basics of Protein Powders for Women

I found this great video while surfing YouTube the other day. It talks about the Truth about protein powders and if they actually can help you lose weight.

Check it out below (PS, I finally learned how to embed videos in my blog posts :) )

A big takeaway is her main point.

Do we NEED protein powders?

Her answer is NO, we do not NEED it, but we do need to consume 5-6 servings of protein per day.

And as she says in the video, it can be hard to cook a meal every 2-3 hours (I know I could never do that. And if I did, I’d probably be eating fast food).

She also talks about how protein powders will help you keep your metabolism running efficiently.

I know that if I skip a meal, my metabolism drops considerably. And that can hurt my weight loss goals.

Protein will also help out when we exercise. So she says that when we exercise, we break down our muscles (I guess that’s the burning feeling). And when we are done, we need to rebuild that muscle. Protein helps us rebuild it.

It also helps use build lean muscles, which is the key to losing weight.

Here’s the link to the full video, if the embed above didn’t work:

What is the best protein powder for women?

I was walking through GNC the other day (you know, the supplement store) looking at all the different protein powders on the shelf.

It really is super confusing choosing one.

I know I wrote an article the other day on what TYPE of protein powder is best for women, but I think we need a second article.

I think we need to learn about what brands and actual protein powders are best for women.

So I did some Googling and found some great recommendations.

First, I found this video on YouTube:

She talks about avoiding mass gainers, which are really meant for bodybuilders. And I really don’t want to be gaining a tone of weight or mass. I want to slim down and build up lean muscle. She recommends one called “Learn Dessert”, that is whipped vanilla cream flavor. She says you can find it at Dick’s sporting goods. I haven’t gone to check yet.

She also recommended one called 365 whey protein powder. I’ve seen it before in Whole Foods.

I also found this little website called

Unlike the other websites I found out there, this one cuts to the chase (as I’m sure you can guess by the name).

The best page on there was one called Best Protein Powder for Women, where they have a top ten list of, as I’m sure you can guess, the best protein powders for women. And they have a link to buy each on Amazon.

While I was there, I also took a moment and just read their article “Will Protein Powder Make you Fat“.

Definitely recommend you read it and check out their site.

Lastly, I found an article on Yahoo for the Top 5 Protein Supplements for Women. Not as good as some of the other sources, but still some solid information.

Hope all this helps in your journey!

The Best Type of Protein for Women

You probably already know that women need less protein than men.

But you probably don’t know what type of protein, and what sources of protein, are best.

One of the main problems with protein rich foods is that they are also high in fats. Luckily, there are some foods which are high in protein, but don’t have as many fats. These are foods like chicken, fish, and nuts.

While it is best for women to get their protein from foods, it isn’t always possible. Sometimes the protein rich foods add too many fats or cholesterol to their diets.

For women who this applies to, and to women who just don’t eat enough protein in their diets, protein powders mixed into protein shakes and smoothies are the best bet.

So when you are out looking for a protein powder, what kind should you look for?

The most recommended protein powder for women is one that contains whey. To go a step further, it should also contain other types of protein, preferably casein or egg protein.

Whey protein is great for the short term, whereas casein and egg last much longer. By mixing the two, you get more benefit throughout the day.

It is not recommended to substitute protein powders and shakes for protein rich food. This isn’t good.

Instead, try and use protein powders and shakes as a supplement to increase protein intake when it is low.

A great resource on protein powders is this article from Wikipedia.